Berkner Group-Focus Area

We focus on companies that are trying to make a difference in the world, and we find the people that can help them do it.

At Berkner Group we have four specific area of focus. This allows us to develop a very specific network of candidates and a true understanding of our client industries, all of whom are making the world a better place.


The Berkner Group is committed to supporting the development and implementation of green technology. With over 10 years of experience in the sector, we have successfully recruited a wide range of roles for companies in renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency, water efficiency, LED lighting, and sustainable agriculture.

cleantech, sustainability & education
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We have a passion for learning and the development of human potential! Our clients seek to improve effectiveness and access throughout the educational sector, from K-12, to higher education, to entirely new models like coding bootcamps.


Chris leverages his background as CEO of an IoT company helping farmers to monitor and control their irrigation systems remotely. We appreciate the technical and business challenges of bringing hardware-software systems to market at scale.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are reshaping the world at a breathtaking pace. We support companies that are applying these technologies to solve important problems facing society.

While we can recruit for almost any role, here are the positions we place the most

Sales & Business Development Executives

Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical Engineers

Engineering Management (Team Leads, VPs)

UX/UI and Software Engineers

Project Managers

Financial Executives

Experience the Berkner difference - trust, integrity, efficiency and experience.